Monday, November 16, 2009

Incomplete Symphony

The tune was right...everything was playing so smooth
All the instruments worked, in perfect harmony
I loved the notes hit...the keys played
The mood induced was irrevocable
People wondered what was new and what made it you
Violin, trombone and some kind of -phone played all through
Such synergy, brought back all my energy
At the mercy of composition, everyone wants more
Strings and chords delicately at work
What could possibly go wrong in this tuneful classic world?
Someone must have slipped, missed a beat or tore a chord
Skipped a manuscript line or refused the conductor’s sign
Suddenly it all stopped, brought right down to silence
Was it the end and how abrupt an ending
No, it wasn’t finished, just ended, what they call
An Incomplete Symphony...(to be continued)

Monday, November 2, 2009

I Can

The morning broke with one thought “I can”
All day it rang in my ears, “I Can”
What answer to which question was this
what reaction to which thought was this
All I could remember were the words “I Can”

Through the day I pondered over this,
This simple construction of words, “I Can”
Why not use it to answer each question I have
Can I make it? Can I do it? Can I get it?
Can I finish it, can I earn it can I buy it?

I Can, I Can,I kept repeating
Now darkness has fallen and still “I Can”
It made my day better and all I doubted has been done
Just because all day I said “I Can”
I’m more than sure that you Can too

Step into your day with a sincere “I Can”
And see what good it brings to you
From then I’m sure all you’ll say
Will be these words so short but great
“I Can”, I Can and so you will!


In Gethsemane,
Its cold and lonely
The air is heavy, the clouds have gathered
And the air is filled with a deafening silence

In Gethsemane,
There are wells of tears in the wait of betrayal
Doubt ensnares every thought
And the atmosphere is filled with fear

In Gethsemane,
There is neither violence nor justice
Only illusions of both worlds
And the reality of an imminent burden

In Gethsemane,
There are anxieties about the great task ahead
Senses are unsure with no answers
And darkness dawns so quickly...In Gethsemane

Easier Said...

They say it’s easier said than done.
So while I’m tired, down and alone, I’m going say this:
Don’t stress yourself out, the work will be done...eventually
Don't fret, your life will get better...pretty soon
Don't cry, everything is going to be all right...before you know it
Don't panic, things will fall in matter what
Don't be anxious, its all going to happen...when its supposed to
Don't complain, those hurdles are not that will make it over
Don't be afraid, He who has promised is Faithful
And don’t forget, that He is in CONTROL

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Truth about Lies

They creep up, sometimes you don’t know why,
And sometimes you can’t help why
They hurt, sometimes pain for the liar
Most times more pain for the receiver
They continue, to keep the “truth” going
And sometimes unconsciously ongoing
They spread, like wild fire deep in the forest
Most times because it’s the truth that’s at rest
They make you sad for a while
Most times they get you just so mad
They make you think, what was the motif?
Most times you realize there is just nothing to profit
They make you regret making them up
Most times they'll will only work today,to later mess you up
Lies have destroyed nations, relations and brought limitations
The “truth” about lies, is that they are so untrue mostly to you.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Most Dangerous Person

The most dangerous person on the street, is the one with the words
And right after him is the one with the pen to put them down
Behind him is the one to read it out
The eyes that see are mere witness and
The ears that hear are mere audience

It’s the heart that feels that's the target,
The heart that understands and believes,
The heart that hopes and retrieves the lost thoughts
The heart that looks forward to more
And is ready to accept truth and fiction, that heart is the target
The target of sweet and bitter words,
Happy and sour thoughts that leave for much deliberation
And words that echo with real intention

The most dangerous person on the street, is the one with the words
He attacks you without even seeing you
He makes you happy and makes you sad
He could make you mad or make you glad
Without even seeing you, he changes you.
The most dangerous person on the street, is the one with the words.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

What I was, who I was, and how I was has changed
In age, we move from one year to the other
In difficulties, we move from medium to hard
In knowledge we move from backward to forward
And in experience we move from sweet to bitter...and back again

What I am, who I am and how I am is changing
In age, the years seem to move faster
And I keep hoping to not waste them
In difficulties, we move from hard to seemingly impossible
And I keep praying for the possible
In knowledge, we move from forward to discovery
I wish to find something new, whatever it is
And in experience we move from bitter to real
I face the world as it is.

What I will be, who I will be and how I will be, will change
In age, the years would now be racing away
And there will be so little if any time left, to finish what hasn't yet started
In difficulties, they will be mine to solve. Impossible will be nothing
And greater things will be achieved
In knowledge, discovery will be creation and beyond
And in experience, there will be enough to go round.

One More Thing

I write though I know my words are soon to fly of these pages
Many stages of life and me at different ages
Wishing for a place filled with lilies and daisies
Where all I would do is sing His praises!

The world is mean and cold
Even to the prophets of old
Wishing for a place filled with the brightest of light
Where I will never be out of His sight

My end of death is sure but unknown
No matter how soon it comes I know I’ve grown
I’ve lived, I’ve loved and I’ve learnt
The last thing is to see Him, in full Glory.


Like sand, you keep slipping,
Slipping through my fingers
The tighter I grip, the quicker you seem to slip

Like a passing wind,
You keep moving further away
The more I try to savor the breeze
The stronger the current pulls it away

Like the highest pitch of a song,
The higher I try to sing the note,
The more sore my voice begins to feel

Like the thorns of a precious rose
Whose stem I try to reach
The tighter I squeeze, the more painful
The thorns sink into my flesh

you are slipping away and there’s nothing I can do

What could have been...

As I close my eyes and wonder so deep
It begins to get intense
A vision of a first love I see so real
He was right here, he was all mine
We had a connection, a physical connection,
A mental connection...
We were in love with the same thing
And it kept us close, body and mind
I saw his face, so clear
He was right here, He was mine. All mine

I opened my eyes and reality set in
He wasn’t here and he wasn’t mine
I sealed the wall I built and thickened the clouds he pulled between us
I clogged the drain some more and now I’m wondering,
Was it the best in ending?
Illusions of relations keep strolling through
I can’t let them in, the times I do, I can’t seem to get to that point
Is it because I just don’t care or because I just can’t deal
Neither can be right.

It’s just that feeling I felt with you...
I can’t find any like or better
None speeds the inner pace like you did
Now the past is coming back close and
I’m not as strong as before
I ache more and dream deeper
I wake up and live in reality...without you.

On a Bad Day

It’s amazing how the people we love
The sane people we love
The pleasant people we love
And the adorable people we love
Suddenly become the people we detest
The people we never want to run into
And the people we never want to share a roof with
But yet they were once “the people we love”
They suddenly seem so terrible a character
And so difficult a human to deal with
Those moments of laughter are of no essence in memory
And the moments of madness are now worth recollecting
In some way, you decide that the reality of being alone in this cold world, isn’t so bad
This is Love...on a BAD day.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

On A Good Day

It’s amazing how the people we love
The crazy people we love
The annoying people we love
And the loveable people we love
Make us laugh so hard
Make us rave so mad
Make us do so bad and
Make us cry so sad
But yet they always remain “the people we love”
Because those moments of laughter are priceless and worth the time
Because those moments of madness are worth the crime
And because all the sadness could never amount to
The reality of being alone in this cold world
This is Love, on a GOOD day...

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Today you said something...well you wrote something... and the text hasn’t faded
Its still right here in my mind’s eye, it keeps appearing
It makes me mad, sad and hurt at the same time, but mostly makes me weary
I have tried, and I all I try to do is talk on your terms
And now even on your terms, you get triggered so easy
Simple questions deserving simple answers turn into sour thoughts
I’m now almost sure that there is only one thing left to say...which I know you won’t
Its unfortunate but I may just take a cue and fade out
Not because I want to, but because I have to
May be other experiences are what dragged you to this point
Its unfortunate a good thing will pay the price
I stopped being anxious a while ago because I was sure you were gone
Its not like me to give up so I keep around and now even that
Seems so irritating and tiresome for you
Clearly there is only one thing left to say which I know you won’t
Its unfortunate but I may just take a cue and fade out
The words in me impede my sleep therefore I write
Nothing to sadden you or get you thinking
Just the daunting thoughts of an inner self
Wishing things will just not be shelved because
too often good stuff rot on shelf...
and just when we are so ready to have them
they are gone...

He is Faithful!

Sometimes you are scared of tomorrow
because of what today has been like
You are scared it could be worse,
worse than today and today was pretty bad
Will you finally have what you need or
will you be further away from it?
Is tomorrow the upgrade of today
or the enemy of a better day
We never know...the one sure thing
is that God is Faithful
So close your eyes and smile because, God is faithful
Whisper a prayer and believe because, God is faithful
Trust Him for a better tomorrow because, He is Faithful
Look forward to answers because, He is Faithful
Fight the doubt because, He is Faithful
Live confidently regardless of what’s going on...


When anger arrives...what do you see?
A lion with its fierce features roaring at you
A tiger’s claws launching into its prey,
Or a feisty beast devouring on sight?

When anger arrives...what do you hear?
The screams of a restrained monster
The ravings of a disappointed leader
Or the taunts of an agitated mob

When anger arrives...what do you do?
Do you vent out on the closest human?
Or do you take it out on yourself?
Do you use curse words or just punch the wall?

When anger leaves...what do you?
Spend hours regretting your former actions
Or keep the ice on your near fractured fist
And nurse the over blown nerves within

Sometimes you cant help getting angry
Its how you deal with it that makes all the difference
This much I know, when you are angry, you ARE angry.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Days like these

There are days like this...
When you think it's an easy day
A day with not so much to do…
Things change. You get so busy
Way too busy to even exhale

There are days like this…
When you actually feel like getting “out there”
But no where to go
When you just want that buddy to move with
But there’s nobody there

There are days like this…
When you can't find the words to say or write
When your words are being waited for
And your deadlines keep closing in
With still no work done

There are days like this…
When the sun is shinning so bright
But you don’t feel like going outside
When its raining heavily and
You wish for a sunny day at the beach

There are days like this…
When you don’t want to fight
Just laugh, smile and be happy
With that friend you miss so much
But the past doesn’t allow for such serene days

there are days like this...

The "Fuss"

If ever, the life of someone you love
Has been called to an end
If ever, a pet you love
Has died in your arms
If ever, your most cherished landmark
Has come crumbling to the ground
If ever the life you know
Has been shattered by what you’ve feared the most

Perhaps then you just may cherish beyond reason,
The people you still have
You may now find the time to keep with your pet
May be then you will go out and take memorable photos
Of the places you love the most
And just may be when you wake up in the morning
You will have all the gratitude in the world
For the life you have regardless of what you currently face

You wonder why some people dwell on the small stuff
But the truth is, the small stuff matter more than the big stuff
The big stuff are bought with a price but the small stuff are priceless
Remembering, thinking, keeping, loving…small stuff
Returning the missed call, getting around to replying that email
Attitude, tone, gesture, intent…all small stuff

One day it will all make sense to you too,
When that person you love is gone
And you begin to count what you could have done better
What you could have said louder
And what you could have been…
But the time will be past…and there’s
Nothing that will give those days back to you
All you’ll have are the faint memories of the past
May be then you will understand the fuss,
The “fuss” about Love.
The “fuss” about Family
The “fuss” about Friendship
The “fuss” about compassion
The “fuss” about LIFE.

Soon this life I live will be past. Therefore if there is any love, any kindness or any good work I can render to man. Let me do it now. For the sun will set on this earthly life when I can do no more.

Friday, July 10, 2009

"they say"

They say love is unconditional...
But not when tested against the toughest conditions
They say truth is relative...
But not when measured against standard
What they say is true...
But not when the counter attack begins
Happy endings, they say are fairy tales
But not when we need them
Humble beginnings, they say work for future greatness
But not when we are the one in humility
Brighter days, they say are always ahead
But not when we are the one in the darkness

They say many things...many of which are true
Just that when they should apply to us the most
We wish they did not and we want to change what “they” say
But this is life, it’s all real...”they” are those who have seen a lot
Lived a while and been through a lot.
“they” must know what “they” are talking about

Boast not of confidence in the absence of a crowd
Nor of courage in the absence fear
Boast not of self-control in the absence of temptation
Nor of strength in the absence of a defining moment
What’s victory without a challenge?
It’s true what “they” say...


At 4:37, my watch stopped.
I don’t know why, but it stopped ticking.
May be that’s when it started pouring,
while I was in the middle of the street
May be that’s when the money fell out of my pocket
Perhaps it was just when I realized the traffic was heavier
Or when I realized I had walked over a mile
In this down pour of chilly showers

At 4:37, my watch stopped.
Suddenly, I had no idea what the time was
How long I had been walking or how much time I had till dark.
I was clueless, but genuinely unconcerned.
The occurrences of the day had taken over my mind.
I was walking but my thoughts were busy on their own
Reflecting on the rough journey of the morning,
The hurtful and seemingly genuine words of a chum
The long untagged day,
The uncertainty of tomorrow and the day after that

At 4:37, my watch stopped.
Like I said, I don’t know why
But what if time would stop? In that frozen moment
What would you do...what would you want to do...
These random and involuntary thoughts the human mind suffers from
Would you take control of them...
Or free them to see how far they would go
If time stopped for you, what would you do...
At 4:37 today, my watch stopped.
Time stopped for me, I was lost in. I almost missed it.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Can’t Sleep

The clock is ticking, its been 10 minutes since
Lights are off, all sound muted, silence prevails
No talk, just a battle of inner thoughts
Its not hot nor cold, both of which can be controlled
Switch side, change position, still nothing
“So this is how it’s like” thinking
Mind battle now almost lost
Up and pacing, one idea after the next.
Back to t.v, a movie will do.
Two movies done and still nothing
More hours pass, more thoughts ensnare
Reading could help but needs light
That will worsen the train of events
Some more hours pass and still nothing
Is it a troubled body’s appeal?
Or an over burdened mind’s conquest
May be the screams of a desolate heart or spirit within
Studies reveal many a cause but the experience
Is enough to wonder some more where it came from
And how to make it go
Still more hours pass and nothing
Just blinking and thinking waiting for it

Sad Day

Today is a sad day,
May be just here or on all of earth
We try to come to terms,
With the final journey of a star so bright
Even more so a father, brother and son
Tears well up, and dry again
For the many we once have mourned
Very sad day

It’s raining, it’s been pouring for hours
Here and elsewhere people mourn
The loss of property and the displacement of homes
Others haven’t seen dry land in days
And for some, too dejected to complain
Wars rage in other parts and rulers
Refuse the sunset of a regime
Very sad day

There is confusion here may be elsewhere too
Uncertainty and doubt linger within
Decisions waiting to be made
Tight situations to maneuver and slippery paths to cross
Its gloomy and as usual, the future unknown
Still shrouded by the thoughts of today we know
And the actions of yesterday we uphold
Very sad day

Now I keep looking up, from there comes my help
My Guide, my Comforter and my Strength
None else can fill the space
To soothe the murk of this very day
Condolences and encouragement to those bereaved
Strength and certainty to the weak and perplexed
Look forward to a brighter tomorrow, inside and out
Gone would be this Very sad day

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Eulogy of Sorts

Sometimes the pain of our past hunts us in the present
We detest the person we were and the person who made us so
We think the unthinkable and dare the once thought impossible
Sometimes our plan to erase it all works out
And other times it just heals a little to open up again
Most of the time, No one else understands
Not because the plight is strange but because of the strange things it’s led us to

Still we press on and try to be the best we can
For what we do, people love us...or just love what it is we do
As long as we keep doing well at it, we have their attention
Any mistake within is never a big issue
A little twitch outside of that is made the biggest spectacle
And suddenly all we do is covered up by that one wrong turn
That just drives us deeper into the ocean of the untold emotions

What we never see is the pity and softness of heart others have within
Because they only show when we are truly gone
Especially when there is such mystery about our end
When the unsung songs begin to play
And the untold emotions begin to reveal
Suddenly the loneliness becomes a crowded show
And the illness a topic for each doctor’s show

It’s always unfortunate to lose ANYONE
Too bad this one’s about him, the King of Pop
Respect and prayer is the best we can do
Because he has found his resting place
May we find that peace while still on earth
To the King of Pop...Michael Jackson...Rest in Peace,
Thanks God your music LIVES! We are truly, SPEECHLESS!

A Ride Down Town

Sitting in a car, starring out the window...
The suddenly I realized I was starring at the reality of life
Moving past many bright lights of the city to deep dark paths of the ghetto
Passed huge crowds then couples walking in hand
The man walking in silence and the girl starring at traffic
From car showrooms to lifeless mechanic shops

Then I deliberated,
The bright lights, times of joy
The dark paths, times of sorrow
The crowds, friends sharing one’s joy
The couple, love...
The lonely, a call for God
The car show rooms, new beginnings
And the lifeless workshops, stages of reconciliation and transformation

Finally the car pulled up
And there was home, where it all ended
Portraying the end of life and heaven to rest in.
A simple Ride Down Town.

Y.O.U cont.

Here I am, fighting thoughts of you
Looking for a place to go, something to do
Just to save me from this addiction to you
Am pacing in my mind and fighting frantically
Thinking things and guessing things
I keep saying the same words to myself
Reminding myself why not and sticking to the norm
I’m tempted every second but God is stronger
No distraction seems sufficiently engrossing
No set of words seem the least comforting
May be its time I faced reality again
Because that’s all I have to gain
The pain of reality...Y.O.U

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


There are days I’m tempted to write
About these things I feel, these things I think
These things I wish...concerning you
Some have called it a breath of fresh air
Others have called it butterflies within
And I begin to question what it is to me

This much I know
Your smile is renewing
Your laugh is contagious
Your voice in itself is a voice
And your speech is seemingly real
Unadulterated and very free
You leave me wanting more

I don’t know enough to be a good judge
But so far am crazy about what I see
Am already wishing big on you
And praying because that’s all I can do

My mind suddenly has a niche for you
And refuses the restraint I try to pull
They never stop nor go be continued


Resolve to laugh harder
Or to tear more
Resolve to jump higher
Or walk slower
Resolve to shout louder
Or to speak softer
Resolve to read faster
Or to listen deeper
Resolve to care more
Or to care much less
Resolve to live better
Or to die older
Whatever you do...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Keep Writing?

Having something in mind is one thing
Writing it down is another
Making sense of it is a different matter
And hoping someone else can understand is even harder

Mixed thoughts become mixed words
If you get lucky, mixed ink on a page
Or a blog full of unexplored thoughts
Words can really never be bought

One day they say it’s a gift,
Another day you’re almost sure it’s a curse
You can’t explain it, but you think it
You can’t tell it but you can write it

Are you misunderstood or your words are not enough
Is the reader sinking deep into your thoughts
Or is it just a page of unending words
the reader can’t wait to be rid of

The secret may have been found:
Keep writing, at least for you
May be someone will get it maybe someone wont
May be they know you are talking to them
May be they’ll never see it
But keep writing, at least for you.

The pointer will always flash,
I choose to move it along
With words from thoughts and truths of life
I keep writing, at least for me.

Friendly Crucifixion

Words could mean nothing and a gesture could be ignored
Coming from a stranger whose life you know not
A frown or a smile, who cares?
Tears or laughter...of a fears
An incomplete statement from a foe
No need to get the whole
It really leaves you unchanged

Words and gestures from a friend mean everything
A friend you know too well
A frown must be your fault or an inner thought
A smile still could be your fault or what you thought
Tears and laughter yours to join
Fears yours to confront
An incomplete statement is just like a sword
Cutting slowly and insuring harm,
a slow and painful one
Call it a friendly crucifixion

Wishing On You

Am holding my breath, hoping you are the next call I get
Hoping for that chat or just a text
My thoughts are breached with drops of you
I think of a happy ending and contentment with you
If I could be granted this big wish
Feels like my world would be better brighter

But somehow it all fizzles out into a dream, the impossible
Am almost sure that call will never come and
Am not even looking forward to that text
My heart goes a little low and grieves in silence for what could be
I wonder if I’m hoping too soon or just being a pest too sweet
Feels like my wish is in no genie’s reach

Then one day there is another turn and all is seemingly well
That call finally comes, the phone is ringing loud and clear
I wonder what this treat could be, I look forward to another sweet encounter
There is talk and laughter, laughter I like.
Then I start to wish the more, am thinking the “what if” all over again
I hang up with a smile of hope and whisper a prayer of things to be

Thursday, May 21, 2009

the Voice

The voice keeps saying, No! Don’t think about it
This time it’s taken longer and
This heart feels no stronger

The voice keeps saying, No! Don’t write about it
The words will be sadder and
The tone will leave a reader bitter

The voice keeps saying, No! Don’t cry about it
The tears will only flow more and
Soon there will be nothing to cry for

The voice keeps saying, No! Don’t be about it
The being will only feel weaker
And the world would still need a deep speaker.

The lost...

Screaming Thoughts

I’m already thinking, this should not be another sad story
Another dirge, another eulogy of friendship
It shouldn’t make tears, nor bring any fears
And it should be another cross to bear
I’m already writing and there’s still no happy word
No joyous text in a soothing thread

Now thoughts are fading and really
This has just become that sad story
That unwanted dirge and eulogy of friendship
It’s brought tears along with other fears
And yes, another cross to bear
I leave now to think of happier words
To fill these lines with text in a blissful thread.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother, Dearest!

Here’s to mothers, who have made us what we are,
To they who brought us into this world,
And raised us up, in love and discipline
To they who kept us in check and took decisions for us
To they who encouraged us to move ahead,
Who stopped the fights and scolded the wrong
To they who led us to God and kept us in church
They who make sure we pray and know our God
To they who have been ordained by God
And who represent Him here on earth...
To Mothers...You are outstanding. God Bless you for
who you were, who you have been and who you are today
No thanks we can render, no gift we can give
Will ever measure up to the love, the care,
The sacrifice and the support you have given
This is your day and we Honor you.
For even the world’s greatest men and woman
All owe it to their mothers
Bless you Mother, today and always!

“All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother”
Abraham Lincoln

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The beginnings of friendship...
You meet, you talk you say to talk again,
You live, you laugh and you say to do again
Before you know that's just the way it is

The joys of friendship...
You laugh and laugh harder together,
Secrets that break nations, u both share
And everyone’s thought is worth a listening ear

The pain of friendship...
You cry and cry heavy tears,
Each feels the sorrows of the other
And mere presence helps ease the grief

The fight of friendship...
Trust slowly illusive becomes
And doubts flood the love filled hearts
Questions are asked in hurt and
Things that erase past words are said

The curse of friendship...
Now it begins to feel empty and lonely
Like no one cares and no one shares
No walks completely out and
no one wants to turn completely off

The LOVE of friendship...
It suddenly becomes real to both
That they have built the world around them both
Every place and person expects them both
And every laugh and worry needs them both

The uncertainty of friendship
So do they find that once started?
Or do they live and act like it never was
Do they survive this hard headed decision?
Or they accept the truth of life, that
Friends fight, but fight to get better at being,
The friends that they set out to be...

The blessing of friendship...
..."and yet there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother"
..."faithful are the wounds of a friend..."
...a friend loveth at all times...


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What’s To Know?

Yesterday I wanted to step back
But you kept saying no use for the dark
In my mind there is a battle of sides
One saying this and the other saying that

Today, am sitting here and I just don’t know
Lines like these may leave you wondering
Because they leave me truly wondering
I don’t know anymore...

I don’t know anymore
May be, possibly, actually, I have never known,
What really it is this life wants

Today, am here but you are not
And I just want to talk
What do I want to say?
I know not, just that I want to talk
... To you.

Yesterday you said what you wanted
But I couldn’t give and had to be blunt
You said how you felt but
I couldn’t fit myself in that belt
In fairness I used honesty
Even mixed with some sort of modesty

Today am still me and still just me
I sit wondering and am sure
I don’t want you to go
But I also said no
Could we just live in the moment?
Where everything is nice and slow

Here’s to the Birthday Girl!

The star of the day...
Today like all other days I wish u well
I wish you Ble$$ings
And I wish you favor
I wish you joy and I wish you peace
I wish you love and I wish you happiness
I wish you success and I wish you victory
I wish you sunshine even when it’s raining
I wish you light in darkness
I wish you blue skies even when it’s shady
I wish you MORE of the best things in life
And above all I wish you grace which is God Himself
And if there is anymore I could wish...I wish for you,
This day and ALWAYS. Happy Birthday!

A Eulogy of Understanding

Life, sure we will never understand,
The dilemma of companionship even more illusive
One day you long for the absence of one
The next day you yearn for the presence of same
One day you’re wondering “when does it end?”
Next day you’re dreading the day it’s gone
One day you are hoping the phone never rings
Another day you are wondering if it rang its last
One day you are hating the attention
Next day you are upset it’s going away
One day you detest the love you have
Another day you think you may feel same
One day you wake up and it’s just you
Then you begin to hate the real you
One become very sure
That your life is never yours to understand


Days are full of work and stress
Duties and favors you can’t protest
Hustle of the day and uncertainty of the night
Deadlines, deals and closures
Plans, no plans, success and failure, rise and fall
These are the events real life is made of

Survival is to get away,
a day or two could clear the field,
With hours of silence and places of solitude
These are the moments life is rebuilt

Thoughts are crowding and your mind is overworked
Where is the money? No time for holiday
The deal needs attention and the family is waiting
These are the thoughts that hinder your peace

Take an hour, a day or two,
Get away; relax like there’s nothing to do
No worries, no stress, it’s just life and you
Smell the roses, feel the breeze,
Let the sun through the window never cease
These are the actions that rekindle life

Now back to work, school and life
Find yourself with renewed strength, hope and possibility
Don’t forget you must find another time to do again,
Your escape from your usual day
For this is the way life MUST be lived.

For You and Me

The nails were long and not so thin,
The spear was sharpened and forced so deep
The tree was wretched and heavy for Him
But still He went this way for me

The jeers were loud, harsh and sour
The very crowd who named Him King
With their branches and clothes they did
But still He went this way for me

The betrayal and disbelief so unfair
The coldness and pain of death He embraced
With courage and obedience in mind
He went this way for you and me.

The Ultimate Sacrifice

Who am I and what am I worth,
That the Greatest Ruler, the Dearest Father
Would give Himself a ransom for me

Who am I and what am I worth,
That He will hang by nails of many inches
Which He never deserved

Who am I and what am I worth,
That He will be pierced by a spear of wickedness
Which was never justified

Who am I and what am I worth,
That His assumed end was a sharpened spear
Still hang on that wretched tree

All this He suffered for you and me

Monday, March 16, 2009

What is this?

What is this dream we believe?
What is this vision we believe?
What is this promise we believe?
What is this illusion we believe?

What is this empowerment we feel?
What is this involvement we feel?
What is this supremacy we feel?
What is this inspiration we feel?

What is this victory we forsee?
What is this success we forsee?
What is this peace we forsee?
What is this greatness we forsee?

What is this?

Black n Proud!

Some say colored, some say dark skinned
Others say mixed and some say “milky”
This must be the best time to be me
I'm black and proud

Yesterday there were places I couldn’t be
There were spaces I couldn’t fill
There were buses I couldn’t ride
And my life was less than a stride

Today there are places am needed to be
Spaces all mine to fill
Buses all mine to ride
My life I take one stride at a time

Tomorrow there will be places made for me
Spaces am begged to fill
Buses branded with shots of me
My life, too much to take in one stride

Who am I? I'm black and PROUD!


Am human and sometimes weak
Am human and sometimes worried
Sometimes broken and sometimes sad

Am human and sometimes insecure
Am human and sometimes not so sure
Sometimes scared and sometimes not bothered at all

Am human and sometimes all alone
Am human and sometimes like a clone
Sometimes wet in tears and sometimes with no clue at all

Am human...but He asks me daily “where is your faith?”
And I say am human, it doesn’t come easy at all

Am human so I pray, Lord give me the faith.


Life is the biggest puzzle...
Different pieces of different species
Built on a good foundation,
All the pieces can fit together
Finding the pieces is one thing
Fitting the pieces in the right place is another
Which ones match and which don’t
Which look so alike and which don’t
Which could we force-fix
And which must we find the right piece for
It could be fun and exciting
When all the pieces we pick
Seem to be the right piece
It could be even more fun and exciting
When all the pieces fall in place
And the picture begins to show
It could be sad when all the pieces you pick
Are not the right fit and
Even more sad when the picture doesn’t seem right
And when the puzzle is almost fixed and just one space remains
One thing is ALWAYS sure,
The puzzle is never complete without that one piece

A Writer’s Blight

Am not blocked and am not blank
I know words and I have them
I see things and I feel them
I hear voices and I listen to them
what is wrong?

Am too open and have too much in mind
I don’t know which of these thousands of words to rhyme
Am not sure what am seeing and I can’t tell what am feeling
The voices are too many and I’m not sure to which to listen
This is wrong

Am thinking of what has happened
And resounding what I have said
Am straining to see and hurting with feelings
Now the voices are screaming

Not sure what it is that happened
And reflecting on the reality of what I have said
My eyes are teary with what they see
And my heart is speechless within
Trapped in a world of uncertainty
This must be wrong.

A Writers Nightmare

Its dark, the eye sees nothing
Its extra quiet, the ear hears nothing
Its empty, the body feels nothing

The page lies empty with no words to fill
Lines lay easy with no weight to them
No power and no real meaning

But the mind is full
It sees, hears and feels
The mind if full but nothing seems to come out

Where is this place and where did all the words go?
It must be what they call a writer’s nightmare

The Lost Writer

What should be written, and should not
What should be fought and brought to thought?
Where are the words, where have they run to?
This must be a writer’s nightmare...
An inner overflow of emotions
But an outward desolation and an imprisoned resolution
What is this feeling that can’t be written nor spoken of?
But very present and very felt, very strange and very scattered

The Fullness Of Your Emptiness

You may think you have nothing,
Life is tough and all odds are against you
No new deals , only lost contracts
The body is weak and weary
And all you think is: “emptiness”

How empty? How nothing?
Do you not have water,
with which you quench your thirst
or food with which you feed your hunger
or that place to rest your body?

This is emptiness:
The man who has not even a glass nor clean water
At the point of thirst
The woman who has not even a spoon nor salt
To hope for food
The sick child with no doctor nor diagnosis of his case
Or the street child looking down at her nose
And all doors have one sign saying closed
That is emptiness

Always remember "the fullness of your emptiness"

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


It’s amazing what one dream can achieve
It’s amazing what one man can believe
It’s amazing what one nation can decide
It’s amazing what one vision can foresee
It’s amazing what one mind can conceive

It’s amazing what one heart can feel
It’s amazing what one people can pull through
It’s amazing what one will can breakthrough
It’s amazing what one conviction can follow through

It’s amazing what one raised fist can stand for
It’s amazing what one voice can shout for
It’s amazing what one person can walk for
It’s amazing what the black man can do

Martin Luther King, Barrack Obama...amazing!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

This Man

He stands with grace and valour,
His face is clad with smiles of peace
He has achieved the once unthinkable
And has set the now unsinkable ship sailing
It is a race well run and a journey well begun
This man is filled with greatness and makes the world speechless

He speaks with confidence, words of substance
He reflects rays of greater assurance
He has reached the formerly unreachable
And has now made his people the untouchable
It is a dream well dreamt and a reality we’re living
This man chosen by God and blessed by HIM

This man is BARACK OBAMA!

Friday, January 16, 2009


On the outside, I may be sad
I may seem unhappy,
I may be silent
And I may seem lost.
I may be lonely and
I may be broke…
On the outside.

But on the inside, I am glad
I am happy,
My heart refuses the silence
And I am indeed found.
I have a Friend oh what a Friend
Who never leaves me,
Who can’t stop caring about me
I’m rich beyond my own understanding…
On the Inside…

All because He that is in me, on the inside, is greater
Than he that is in the world, on the outside.

Relativity of Truth

Relativity of Truth

They say “truth is relative”
Which part of the story tallies?
And by what standards do we measure?
What happened and how did you see it happen?
What took place and what did you observe
What can you hear and what does it mean to you
What works for your conscience and what works for the good...
...Truth is Relative...

The Common Factor

The night still lurks but the day remains patient
Minds rest, bodies recreate
And the young are long gone in sleep
Restlessness is someone’s story,
Sleeplessness is another’s
While ambitions and dreams keep the rest awake
Things looking up for those up and thinking
Things looking calm for those asleep and breathing
But there’s a point, a dead point,
Where everyone is at par
Wait for it is...
We are ALL human.
Different thoughts, different dreams, different feelings
Yet we are ALL human

"hustle n flow"

It’s harsh and tough,
Its sweat and pain
Or it’s just no gain
Decisions to be made
A future of being paid
What makes today
Is ruling your own day
It doesn’t come easy
It never comes easy
But the goal is clear
The vision is never blur
And in the end, when bank is made
All the sweat would have paid and
Then you get your own space
Yes, it’s called the “paper chase!”


I woke up one day a movie star
All over “e”, the daily 10, red carpet today
Photo shoot tomorrow
I dated him last week and this new guy this week
We got married “yesterday” and that nasty divorce today
I did this great movie last year and this messed up one today
I had nothing but now Forbes counts my worth
Now the flashes are too many and the gossip never ends
I longed for “a normal life”....
I woke up one day a movie star!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


An illusion of companionship lurks around
His speech is soft and humble as night
What is known of his story is much experience.

An illusion of companionship lurks around
His thoughts interest and entice a conversation
What is known of his hopes and dreams
Could be smart but somewhat illusive

An illusion of companionship lurks around
His presence refuses to be past, for now.
What is known of his intentions is pleasant
But only to a responding heart

Night cometh Quickly

The day is here, but night cometh quickly
The sun is up but the moon presses its hour
The song bird chirps but the owl waits in anxiety

The day is here but the night cometh quickly
The words are there but the book is not yet written
The notes are set but the song not yet sang

The day is here but the night cometh quickly
Make haste for youthfulness endures only a day
At night the hour is here, no time to be here and there
The last word is spoken and the last breath is taken
The day is here, but night cometh quickly


There is a season of quiet,
No one here and no one there
All voices blur in echoes
All counsel lost in silence
And a soul wonders lonely

There is a season of emptiness
No thought here and no thought there
All visions blur in recollection
All missions lost in completion
And a soul wonders lost

There is a season of companionship
Someone here and someone there
All voices loud and resounding
All counsel found and in abundance
And a soul glides in heartiness

There is a season of abundance
An over thought here and another there
All visions clear in memory
All missions well on target
And a soul if found
There is a season.


When we met face to face
I refused to even think.
Then I saw you from afar
And my mind began a trick
Then I thought it wise to be,
A friend who you find so free.
It worked but the world began to speak
At a point I feared will cause a leak
Which they would have managed to tweak
So I stepped back at that point to safety
But right then you took another step,
Which I had long been pulled away.
Back then it didn’t seem to hurt
After all I saved my self from big regret
Then in thought in the years past
I saw my life’s biggest regret
I tried to creep back in and
Pick up where I left so quick.
I pushed and thought that I had done,
What I thought would been undone.
First I thought it was getting there
Till a few things made it worse
Then I performed another act
Which today I regret is a fact
I feel forgiveness to ask of you
But my pride and past warns me not to.
I wish I knew where you are and just how you are
But that may lead to my demise since it may reveal regret
I try to push it all in the past but I can’t deny
What I feel is real and true,
Not gone nor forgotten even once
But daily I try to make it past
In the comfort of these I do rest;
“you cant forget your first love”


In that moment, I feel alone in the world
Suddenly the slow motion button is hit
And my heart seems to split.
It’s lowered slowly, extra slow…
Like something could change in a minute below
But what could, for one so dear is gone for good.
My tears stream down, uncontrollable.
A deep awareness and reality evolves,
Deep in my heart, soul and mind.
It all becomes so real and sealed
It’s already closed, the face I know I see no more
Ashes to ashes the preacher pronounces
A phrase that now echoes so clear
The view I see is a plan of the end
Rocks crush so hard on and the sand refuses to be a sprinkle
No matter how much I try to look up, no star seems to twinkle
I have no words to say, for all are drown in sorrows that day
First this feeling was new, I had so dread
Second was just as hard as first
Third, I knew it was for good
The bitter emotions that run ever through
Till I myself will be facing up,
And what I felt before will be gone,
For others who remain to feel it all.


HIS LOVE speaks volumes to me
HIS LOVE directs my ways
HIS LOVE tells me to forgive
HIS LOVE tells me to have mercy
HIS LOVE gives me inner understanding
HIS LOVE mends my heart
HIS LOVE sets me free
HIS LOVE cools my heart and warms my spirit
HIS LOVE holds me up
HIS LOVE…makes me who I am


The pointer flashes,

That’s my queue to write,

But what could I write,

For today wasn’t so bright

And my mind not so right.

The shouts still play in my mind

The reasons still I cannot find.

Words spoken not so kind

Out of my ears do I bind.

Words spoken in silence I so hear

Voicing them out do I fear

The result too harsh to bear

The victim ever so near.

Screams of silence in the heart

Bound up like a baked tart

The speed of thought

Rushing through like a go-cart

The dream of peace ever so eluded

The wish of happiness so wounded

The hope of liberty ever so strong

The goal of joy could never be wrong