Saturday, September 5, 2009

What could have been...

As I close my eyes and wonder so deep
It begins to get intense
A vision of a first love I see so real
He was right here, he was all mine
We had a connection, a physical connection,
A mental connection...
We were in love with the same thing
And it kept us close, body and mind
I saw his face, so clear
He was right here, He was mine. All mine

I opened my eyes and reality set in
He wasn’t here and he wasn’t mine
I sealed the wall I built and thickened the clouds he pulled between us
I clogged the drain some more and now I’m wondering,
Was it the best in ending?
Illusions of relations keep strolling through
I can’t let them in, the times I do, I can’t seem to get to that point
Is it because I just don’t care or because I just can’t deal
Neither can be right.

It’s just that feeling I felt with you...
I can’t find any like or better
None speeds the inner pace like you did
Now the past is coming back close and
I’m not as strong as before
I ache more and dream deeper
I wake up and live in reality...without you.

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