Monday, May 30, 2011

Last Letter

My Love, I’m never writing another letter to you
Even though my heart and soul have never stopped loving you
From today, they will. I will make them
I’ve always allowed them to be…to think and to feel, to regret and to wish
But no more, I’m taking the power back

While my mind still thinks of you, I’ve decided to let you go
The new day needs the space to be.
My elements need something new see
Someone to brighten this diming heart in me

I write this in the dark…when the lights come on,
I would have no words left,
No memories left and no wishes of you left
Just a shadow, ever fading, of what could have been
And a memory so faint of what was within.
Keep Well, my love.


I’m losing my friend to the world; at least it feels like it
Now it’s okay to have brief phone calls..
More frequent are the even shorter ones
Everyone else seems to get their time just not me

I’m losing my friend to the world and most times it makes me sad
Maybe it’s because there are friends you never want to lose or
maybe it’s because there are friends we think need us.

I’m losing my friend to the world…
sometimes its just me, sitting here alone.
It’s not a matter that any other person can solve
but that which only that friend is needed for.
I question the meaning or need for any such bond
When its purpose and function eludes in the time so wrong

I’m losing my friend to the world…
I keep silent…nothing happens
I speak and it seems to find no solution.
I go silent again and it only feels worse.
May be its time to come to terms with the fact,
I’ve lost my friend to the world.

In Baghdad

I’m in Baghdad…
The bombs…they blow up…they tear things down
The chaos…it raises the dust…
I’m walking in it all…the walls collapse around me
I seem not to panic…I don’t even move

I’m in Baghdad …
There’s wailing…tears are pouring
From my eyes…despair in my voice
But no one can see, no one can hear
I’m walking in the turmoil alone

I’m in Baghdad …
Why is it so calm and yet so thunderous
One day its liveable another it’s questionable
Sanity suddenly becomes debatable…
Is there any surety? Does any of this make sense?

I’m in Baghdad …
More than often now, I wonder why
Not sure if it’s a cause I believe in anymore
Why does the “war” continue?
Why do we still press on? Is there any winning to this?

I’m in Baghdad …
Why aren’t I screaming to be recused?
May be I am…but no one can hear
May be I am but no one can understand
May be I took the trip and no one has realised
I’m in Baghdad …that’s the one thing I’m sure of.