Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Days like these

There are days like this...
When you think it's an easy day
A day with not so much to do…
Things change. You get so busy
Way too busy to even exhale

There are days like this…
When you actually feel like getting “out there”
But no where to go
When you just want that buddy to move with
But there’s nobody there

There are days like this…
When you can't find the words to say or write
When your words are being waited for
And your deadlines keep closing in
With still no work done

There are days like this…
When the sun is shinning so bright
But you don’t feel like going outside
When its raining heavily and
You wish for a sunny day at the beach

There are days like this…
When you don’t want to fight
Just laugh, smile and be happy
With that friend you miss so much
But the past doesn’t allow for such serene days

there are days like this...

The "Fuss"

If ever, the life of someone you love
Has been called to an end
If ever, a pet you love
Has died in your arms
If ever, your most cherished landmark
Has come crumbling to the ground
If ever the life you know
Has been shattered by what you’ve feared the most

Perhaps then you just may cherish beyond reason,
The people you still have
You may now find the time to keep with your pet
May be then you will go out and take memorable photos
Of the places you love the most
And just may be when you wake up in the morning
You will have all the gratitude in the world
For the life you have regardless of what you currently face

You wonder why some people dwell on the small stuff
But the truth is, the small stuff matter more than the big stuff
The big stuff are bought with a price but the small stuff are priceless
Remembering, thinking, keeping, loving…small stuff
Returning the missed call, getting around to replying that email
Attitude, tone, gesture, intent…all small stuff

One day it will all make sense to you too,
When that person you love is gone
And you begin to count what you could have done better
What you could have said louder
And what you could have been…
But the time will be past…and there’s
Nothing that will give those days back to you
All you’ll have are the faint memories of the past
May be then you will understand the fuss,
The “fuss” about Love.
The “fuss” about Family
The “fuss” about Friendship
The “fuss” about compassion
The “fuss” about LIFE.

Soon this life I live will be past. Therefore if there is any love, any kindness or any good work I can render to man. Let me do it now. For the sun will set on this earthly life when I can do no more.

Friday, July 10, 2009

"they say"

They say love is unconditional...
But not when tested against the toughest conditions
They say truth is relative...
But not when measured against standard
What they say is true...
But not when the counter attack begins
Happy endings, they say are fairy tales
But not when we need them
Humble beginnings, they say work for future greatness
But not when we are the one in humility
Brighter days, they say are always ahead
But not when we are the one in the darkness

They say many things...many of which are true
Just that when they should apply to us the most
We wish they did not and we want to change what “they” say
But this is life, it’s all real...”they” are those who have seen a lot
Lived a while and been through a lot.
“they” must know what “they” are talking about

Boast not of confidence in the absence of a crowd
Nor of courage in the absence fear
Boast not of self-control in the absence of temptation
Nor of strength in the absence of a defining moment
What’s victory without a challenge?
It’s true what “they” say...


At 4:37, my watch stopped.
I don’t know why, but it stopped ticking.
May be that’s when it started pouring,
while I was in the middle of the street
May be that’s when the money fell out of my pocket
Perhaps it was just when I realized the traffic was heavier
Or when I realized I had walked over a mile
In this down pour of chilly showers

At 4:37, my watch stopped.
Suddenly, I had no idea what the time was
How long I had been walking or how much time I had till dark.
I was clueless, but genuinely unconcerned.
The occurrences of the day had taken over my mind.
I was walking but my thoughts were busy on their own
Reflecting on the rough journey of the morning,
The hurtful and seemingly genuine words of a chum
The long untagged day,
The uncertainty of tomorrow and the day after that

At 4:37, my watch stopped.
Like I said, I don’t know why
But what if time would stop? In that frozen moment
What would you do...what would you want to do...
These random and involuntary thoughts the human mind suffers from
Would you take control of them...
Or free them to see how far they would go
If time stopped for you, what would you do...
At 4:37 today, my watch stopped.
Time stopped for me, I was lost in. I almost missed it.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Can’t Sleep

The clock is ticking, its been 10 minutes since
Lights are off, all sound muted, silence prevails
No talk, just a battle of inner thoughts
Its not hot nor cold, both of which can be controlled
Switch side, change position, still nothing
“So this is how it’s like”...in thinking
Mind battle now almost lost
Up and pacing, one idea after the next.
Back to t.v, a movie will do.
Two movies done and still nothing
More hours pass, more thoughts ensnare
Reading could help but needs light
That will worsen the train of events
Some more hours pass and still nothing
Is it a troubled body’s appeal?
Or an over burdened mind’s conquest
May be the screams of a desolate heart or spirit within
Studies reveal many a cause but the experience
Is enough to wonder some more where it came from
And how to make it go
Still more hours pass and nothing
Just blinking and thinking waiting for it

Sad Day

Today is a sad day,
May be just here or on all of earth
We try to come to terms,
With the final journey of a star so bright
Even more so a father, brother and son
Tears well up, and dry again
For the many we once have mourned
Very sad day

It’s raining, it’s been pouring for hours
Here and elsewhere people mourn
The loss of property and the displacement of homes
Others haven’t seen dry land in days
And for some, too dejected to complain
Wars rage in other parts and rulers
Refuse the sunset of a regime
Very sad day

There is confusion here may be elsewhere too
Uncertainty and doubt linger within
Decisions waiting to be made
Tight situations to maneuver and slippery paths to cross
Its gloomy and as usual, the future unknown
Still shrouded by the thoughts of today we know
And the actions of yesterday we uphold
Very sad day

Now I keep looking up, from there comes my help
My Guide, my Comforter and my Strength
None else can fill the space
To soothe the murk of this very day
Condolences and encouragement to those bereaved
Strength and certainty to the weak and perplexed
Look forward to a brighter tomorrow, inside and out
Gone would be this Very sad day

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Eulogy of Sorts

Sometimes the pain of our past hunts us in the present
We detest the person we were and the person who made us so
We think the unthinkable and dare the once thought impossible
Sometimes our plan to erase it all works out
And other times it just heals a little to open up again
Most of the time, No one else understands
Not because the plight is strange but because of the strange things it’s led us to

Still we press on and try to be the best we can
For what we do, people love us...or just love what it is we do
As long as we keep doing well at it, we have their attention
Any mistake within is never a big issue
A little twitch outside of that is made the biggest spectacle
And suddenly all we do is covered up by that one wrong turn
That just drives us deeper into the ocean of the untold emotions

What we never see is the pity and softness of heart others have within
Because they only show when we are truly gone
Especially when there is such mystery about our end
When the unsung songs begin to play
And the untold emotions begin to reveal
Suddenly the loneliness becomes a crowded show
And the illness a topic for each doctor’s show

It’s always unfortunate to lose ANYONE
Too bad this one’s about him, the King of Pop
Respect and prayer is the best we can do
Because he has found his resting place
May we find that peace while still on earth
To the King of Pop...Michael Jackson...Rest in Peace,
Thanks God your music LIVES! We are truly, SPEECHLESS!

A Ride Down Town

Sitting in a car, starring out the window...
The suddenly I realized I was starring at the reality of life
Moving past many bright lights of the city to deep dark paths of the ghetto
Passed huge crowds then couples walking in hand
The man walking in silence and the girl starring at traffic
From car showrooms to lifeless mechanic shops

Then I deliberated,
The bright lights, times of joy
The dark paths, times of sorrow
The crowds, friends sharing one’s joy
The couple, love...
The lonely, a call for God
The car show rooms, new beginnings
And the lifeless workshops, stages of reconciliation and transformation

Finally the car pulled up
And there was home, where it all ended
Portraying the end of life and heaven to rest in.
A simple Ride Down Town.

Y.O.U cont.

Here I am, fighting thoughts of you
Looking for a place to go, something to do
Just to save me from this addiction to you
Am pacing in my mind and fighting frantically
Thinking things and guessing things
I keep saying the same words to myself
Reminding myself why not and sticking to the norm
I’m tempted every second but God is stronger
No distraction seems sufficiently engrossing
No set of words seem the least comforting
May be its time I faced reality again
Because that’s all I have to gain
The pain of reality...Y.O.U