Thursday, May 21, 2009

the Voice

The voice keeps saying, No! Don’t think about it
This time it’s taken longer and
This heart feels no stronger

The voice keeps saying, No! Don’t write about it
The words will be sadder and
The tone will leave a reader bitter

The voice keeps saying, No! Don’t cry about it
The tears will only flow more and
Soon there will be nothing to cry for

The voice keeps saying, No! Don’t be about it
The being will only feel weaker
And the world would still need a deep speaker.

The lost...

Screaming Thoughts

I’m already thinking, this should not be another sad story
Another dirge, another eulogy of friendship
It shouldn’t make tears, nor bring any fears
And it should be another cross to bear
I’m already writing and there’s still no happy word
No joyous text in a soothing thread

Now thoughts are fading and really
This has just become that sad story
That unwanted dirge and eulogy of friendship
It’s brought tears along with other fears
And yes, another cross to bear
I leave now to think of happier words
To fill these lines with text in a blissful thread.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother, Dearest!

Here’s to mothers, who have made us what we are,
To they who brought us into this world,
And raised us up, in love and discipline
To they who kept us in check and took decisions for us
To they who encouraged us to move ahead,
Who stopped the fights and scolded the wrong
To they who led us to God and kept us in church
They who make sure we pray and know our God
To they who have been ordained by God
And who represent Him here on earth...
To Mothers...You are outstanding. God Bless you for
who you were, who you have been and who you are today
No thanks we can render, no gift we can give
Will ever measure up to the love, the care,
The sacrifice and the support you have given
This is your day and we Honor you.
For even the world’s greatest men and woman
All owe it to their mothers
Bless you Mother, today and always!

“All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother”
Abraham Lincoln