Thursday, July 2, 2009

Eulogy of Sorts

Sometimes the pain of our past hunts us in the present
We detest the person we were and the person who made us so
We think the unthinkable and dare the once thought impossible
Sometimes our plan to erase it all works out
And other times it just heals a little to open up again
Most of the time, No one else understands
Not because the plight is strange but because of the strange things it’s led us to

Still we press on and try to be the best we can
For what we do, people love us...or just love what it is we do
As long as we keep doing well at it, we have their attention
Any mistake within is never a big issue
A little twitch outside of that is made the biggest spectacle
And suddenly all we do is covered up by that one wrong turn
That just drives us deeper into the ocean of the untold emotions

What we never see is the pity and softness of heart others have within
Because they only show when we are truly gone
Especially when there is such mystery about our end
When the unsung songs begin to play
And the untold emotions begin to reveal
Suddenly the loneliness becomes a crowded show
And the illness a topic for each doctor’s show

It’s always unfortunate to lose ANYONE
Too bad this one’s about him, the King of Pop
Respect and prayer is the best we can do
Because he has found his resting place
May we find that peace while still on earth
To the King of Pop...Michael Jackson...Rest in Peace,
Thanks God your music LIVES! We are truly, SPEECHLESS!

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