Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The "Fuss"

If ever, the life of someone you love
Has been called to an end
If ever, a pet you love
Has died in your arms
If ever, your most cherished landmark
Has come crumbling to the ground
If ever the life you know
Has been shattered by what you’ve feared the most

Perhaps then you just may cherish beyond reason,
The people you still have
You may now find the time to keep with your pet
May be then you will go out and take memorable photos
Of the places you love the most
And just may be when you wake up in the morning
You will have all the gratitude in the world
For the life you have regardless of what you currently face

You wonder why some people dwell on the small stuff
But the truth is, the small stuff matter more than the big stuff
The big stuff are bought with a price but the small stuff are priceless
Remembering, thinking, keeping, loving…small stuff
Returning the missed call, getting around to replying that email
Attitude, tone, gesture, intent…all small stuff

One day it will all make sense to you too,
When that person you love is gone
And you begin to count what you could have done better
What you could have said louder
And what you could have been…
But the time will be past…and there’s
Nothing that will give those days back to you
All you’ll have are the faint memories of the past
May be then you will understand the fuss,
The “fuss” about Love.
The “fuss” about Family
The “fuss” about Friendship
The “fuss” about compassion
The “fuss” about LIFE.

Soon this life I live will be past. Therefore if there is any love, any kindness or any good work I can render to man. Let me do it now. For the sun will set on this earthly life when I can do no more.

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