Saturday, February 27, 2010

Another "you"

You’ve got me thinking,
Don’t even know what I’m thinking
You’ve got me falling
So fast the speed is frightening
I’m not sure what all this is
I don’t know what it will eventually be
But i doubt I want it to stop altogether
Suddenly I feel rather vulnerable
I feel weak and defenseless and somewhat restless
Almost out of control of my inner being, somewhat beyond reason
I’m not holding back but I’m tirelessly holding it in
Trying to take it all so slow
Though my soul seems to want it now
I don’t know if it’s my imagination
Or my heart’s true expectation
You’ve got me here, in a very short time
and i can’t wait to see where we go from here


I want to believe what you say,
That what you say is real and true
I wonder why it’s so hard to believe
And if I’m usually this doubtful in me
Am I unconsciously stung by the pain of the past?
Or do I have too sinister an imagination
Perhaps I’ve understood too well the wickedness of this world
The scandal, the plan, the bet and the trick
What’s worse is that deep within I’m falling for it
Whatever it is...I’m getting into it
I’m scared because I don’t think I can handle a sudden end
Will be more like love’s sudden death
I love my peace but as it appears,
I love the thrill this brings so much more
My inner being feels gently breached
And my thoughts crowd like sand at the beach.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Thank You

As my blog visitor counter approaches its 400th visitor, i would like to say thank you to everyone who has visited, read, followed and simply enjoyed my writing. its been a year since i put up this blog and its been great to know you visit it. it feels good to know that you took and take time to come through and check what's new. Thanks for the comments, suggestions and offers.

its been a tough year already and sometimes that's just what we need to keep the text coming. Soon i will be launching a "prose" or "article" style version of my writing which i hope will interest you just as much as the poetry.

i'm sincerely humbled and i do hope that anytime you come here, you find something that inspires you, that speaks to you or that simply engages you, even if its just for a minute. Do let me know your thoughts (, its always good to hear from you.

Thank You
God Ble$$!

Feel it

I see through your thoughts, sometimes.
They tell me many things
They tell me you want it
They tell me you are truly interested
And you wish to be...with me

I see your actions though, most times.
They also tell me many things
They tell me you don’t really want it
They tell me you are unsure
And you wish someday you will be

I see through your feelings, no I don’t.
I wonder how they work
And how they speak to you
Are they not stronger than your actions?
Can they not bring your thoughts rather than actions to life?

I see, but not beyond my heart
And even within my heart, I find blind spots
May be they say different things
Or refuse to see beyond the obvious
That’s when it’s easy to realize, that to see is not everything
To feel however, makes all the difference

Untitled...the obvious

Friendship is a gift.
You know something is a gift,
When very few people have it,
When only few understand it
When fewer treasure it
And even fewer keep it

Friendship is a blessing
You know something is a blessing
When you don’t deserve it
When you are better with it
When you are happier with it
And even more comfortable with it

Friendship is an illusion
You know something is an illusion
When you just can’t grasp it
When you can’t master it
When you can’t comprehend it
And when you feel lost in it

Friendship is fragile
You know something is fragile
When you are tempted to over protect it
When you can’t afford for it to break
When you treat it with extra care
And when the least mistake takes it away for good

Friendship is misunderstood
You know something is misunderstood
When it is assumed to be something else
When it is forced to look like something else
When it is rumored to mean something else
And when no one can value its intensity

Friendship is spiritual
You know something is spiritual
When it is almost impossible to break from
When it is increasingly complicated
When it becomes an inner battle to separate it
And when it strikes stringent chords within

Friendship is rare
You know something is rare
When you can’t find it for real
When things look close to it but are not
When you keep looking and still don’t find exactly that
And when no one seems to realize it could be gone for good

...By a person who knows nothing, about friendship.