Monday, November 16, 2009

Incomplete Symphony

The tune was right...everything was playing so smooth
All the instruments worked, in perfect harmony
I loved the notes hit...the keys played
The mood induced was irrevocable
People wondered what was new and what made it you
Violin, trombone and some kind of -phone played all through
Such synergy, brought back all my energy
At the mercy of composition, everyone wants more
Strings and chords delicately at work
What could possibly go wrong in this tuneful classic world?
Someone must have slipped, missed a beat or tore a chord
Skipped a manuscript line or refused the conductor’s sign
Suddenly it all stopped, brought right down to silence
Was it the end and how abrupt an ending
No, it wasn’t finished, just ended, what they call
An Incomplete Symphony...(to be continued)

Monday, November 2, 2009

I Can

The morning broke with one thought “I can”
All day it rang in my ears, “I Can”
What answer to which question was this
what reaction to which thought was this
All I could remember were the words “I Can”

Through the day I pondered over this,
This simple construction of words, “I Can”
Why not use it to answer each question I have
Can I make it? Can I do it? Can I get it?
Can I finish it, can I earn it can I buy it?

I Can, I Can,I kept repeating
Now darkness has fallen and still “I Can”
It made my day better and all I doubted has been done
Just because all day I said “I Can”
I’m more than sure that you Can too

Step into your day with a sincere “I Can”
And see what good it brings to you
From then I’m sure all you’ll say
Will be these words so short but great
“I Can”, I Can and so you will!


In Gethsemane,
Its cold and lonely
The air is heavy, the clouds have gathered
And the air is filled with a deafening silence

In Gethsemane,
There are wells of tears in the wait of betrayal
Doubt ensnares every thought
And the atmosphere is filled with fear

In Gethsemane,
There is neither violence nor justice
Only illusions of both worlds
And the reality of an imminent burden

In Gethsemane,
There are anxieties about the great task ahead
Senses are unsure with no answers
And darkness dawns so quickly...In Gethsemane

Easier Said...

They say it’s easier said than done.
So while I’m tired, down and alone, I’m going say this:
Don’t stress yourself out, the work will be done...eventually
Don't fret, your life will get better...pretty soon
Don't cry, everything is going to be all right...before you know it
Don't panic, things will fall in matter what
Don't be anxious, its all going to happen...when its supposed to
Don't complain, those hurdles are not that will make it over
Don't be afraid, He who has promised is Faithful
And don’t forget, that He is in CONTROL