Monday, November 16, 2009

Incomplete Symphony

The tune was right...everything was playing so smooth
All the instruments worked, in perfect harmony
I loved the notes hit...the keys played
The mood induced was irrevocable
People wondered what was new and what made it you
Violin, trombone and some kind of -phone played all through
Such synergy, brought back all my energy
At the mercy of composition, everyone wants more
Strings and chords delicately at work
What could possibly go wrong in this tuneful classic world?
Someone must have slipped, missed a beat or tore a chord
Skipped a manuscript line or refused the conductor’s sign
Suddenly it all stopped, brought right down to silence
Was it the end and how abrupt an ending
No, it wasn’t finished, just ended, what they call
An Incomplete Symphony...(to be continued)

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