Monday, January 11, 2010

When You Cry

It hurts when you cry
Your tears turn into reasons for worry
Deep inside...I get uneasy
Your tears turn into drops of pain
In my heart I feel helpless and down
Your tears turn into bits of doubt
In my head, I’m not sure I know you enough
To begin to understand how you feel

It hurts when you cry
Your tears make me sad and take me apart
Into pieces of weakness, grief and disorder
My hands feel tied beyond a helpful touch
And my words feel fragile short of satiable comfort
The world begins to look rather dark
I see only rain and it pours heavily on my world within
The cold, the darkness and mist prevail

It hurts when you cry
Worse when I don’t see your tears,
An inward suffering rewards with a devastated heart
A lonely day in a busy crowd and an angry soul
Full of things no one knows

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