Monday, January 11, 2010

Grave Secrets

Some utterances, spoken words and lived actions,
Will never once be repeated or known by anyone else
Deep in the hearts of the speaker and sole listener
The actor and the sole witness, they reside.
Whose lips and hearts are sealed with the glue of mystery
And whose thoughts are guarded by the wall of trust
Soiled with the fear of uncertainty and forgiven mistrust
Even the midnight whispers for reveal
Cannot release the mind at sleep
Nor can the torture of single knowledge
Bring to sharing the clandestine deed
Never forgotten and unwillingly memorized,
Haunting the dawn of today and the sunset of tomorrow
Screaming in silence near unbearable but
Suppressed in willpower truly immeasurable
Clinging to the thoughts of the involved
Till at rest in the grave and soul at a place unknown
These are the truths of “Grave Secrets”

...The End...

One day, someday day soon, you too will understand
That all things, good or bad do come to an end
No matter how much you hold on to
Or how much you keep the image in mind
Life through time will fade it out
And nothing you do or say will make it last

The time is coming, when this scene will end
The curtains will drop and the crowd will leave
No taunts, cheers or pleas will be enough
To make things stop their ending ways
Some will leave with a smile so bright and
Others with a wish of delight

What's done is done, the past is past,
Still, leave with your head held high
It confuses the doubt and masters the courage
To face the new story with a plan in mind
Working through dreams so big
And counting on God the most High

When You Cry

It hurts when you cry
Your tears turn into reasons for worry
Deep inside...I get uneasy
Your tears turn into drops of pain
In my heart I feel helpless and down
Your tears turn into bits of doubt
In my head, I’m not sure I know you enough
To begin to understand how you feel

It hurts when you cry
Your tears make me sad and take me apart
Into pieces of weakness, grief and disorder
My hands feel tied beyond a helpful touch
And my words feel fragile short of satiable comfort
The world begins to look rather dark
I see only rain and it pours heavily on my world within
The cold, the darkness and mist prevail

It hurts when you cry
Worse when I don’t see your tears,
An inward suffering rewards with a devastated heart
A lonely day in a busy crowd and an angry soul
Full of things no one knows