Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Truth about Lies

They creep up, sometimes you don’t know why,
And sometimes you can’t help why
They hurt, sometimes pain for the liar
Most times more pain for the receiver
They continue, to keep the “truth” going
And sometimes unconsciously ongoing
They spread, like wild fire deep in the forest
Most times because it’s the truth that’s at rest
They make you sad for a while
Most times they get you just so mad
They make you think, what was the motif?
Most times you realize there is just nothing to profit
They make you regret making them up
Most times they'll will only work today,to later mess you up
Lies have destroyed nations, relations and brought limitations
The “truth” about lies, is that they are so untrue mostly to you.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Most Dangerous Person

The most dangerous person on the street, is the one with the words
And right after him is the one with the pen to put them down
Behind him is the one to read it out
The eyes that see are mere witness and
The ears that hear are mere audience

It’s the heart that feels that's the target,
The heart that understands and believes,
The heart that hopes and retrieves the lost thoughts
The heart that looks forward to more
And is ready to accept truth and fiction, that heart is the target
The target of sweet and bitter words,
Happy and sour thoughts that leave for much deliberation
And words that echo with real intention

The most dangerous person on the street, is the one with the words
He attacks you without even seeing you
He makes you happy and makes you sad
He could make you mad or make you glad
Without even seeing you, he changes you.
The most dangerous person on the street, is the one with the words.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

What I was, who I was, and how I was has changed
In age, we move from one year to the other
In difficulties, we move from medium to hard
In knowledge we move from backward to forward
And in experience we move from sweet to bitter...and back again

What I am, who I am and how I am is changing
In age, the years seem to move faster
And I keep hoping to not waste them
In difficulties, we move from hard to seemingly impossible
And I keep praying for the possible
In knowledge, we move from forward to discovery
I wish to find something new, whatever it is
And in experience we move from bitter to real
I face the world as it is.

What I will be, who I will be and how I will be, will change
In age, the years would now be racing away
And there will be so little if any time left, to finish what hasn't yet started
In difficulties, they will be mine to solve. Impossible will be nothing
And greater things will be achieved
In knowledge, discovery will be creation and beyond
And in experience, there will be enough to go round.

One More Thing

I write though I know my words are soon to fly of these pages
Many stages of life and me at different ages
Wishing for a place filled with lilies and daisies
Where all I would do is sing His praises!

The world is mean and cold
Even to the prophets of old
Wishing for a place filled with the brightest of light
Where I will never be out of His sight

My end of death is sure but unknown
No matter how soon it comes I know I’ve grown
I’ve lived, I’ve loved and I’ve learnt
The last thing is to see Him, in full Glory.


Like sand, you keep slipping,
Slipping through my fingers
The tighter I grip, the quicker you seem to slip

Like a passing wind,
You keep moving further away
The more I try to savor the breeze
The stronger the current pulls it away

Like the highest pitch of a song,
The higher I try to sing the note,
The more sore my voice begins to feel

Like the thorns of a precious rose
Whose stem I try to reach
The tighter I squeeze, the more painful
The thorns sink into my flesh

you are slipping away and there’s nothing I can do

What could have been...

As I close my eyes and wonder so deep
It begins to get intense
A vision of a first love I see so real
He was right here, he was all mine
We had a connection, a physical connection,
A mental connection...
We were in love with the same thing
And it kept us close, body and mind
I saw his face, so clear
He was right here, He was mine. All mine

I opened my eyes and reality set in
He wasn’t here and he wasn’t mine
I sealed the wall I built and thickened the clouds he pulled between us
I clogged the drain some more and now I’m wondering,
Was it the best in ending?
Illusions of relations keep strolling through
I can’t let them in, the times I do, I can’t seem to get to that point
Is it because I just don’t care or because I just can’t deal
Neither can be right.

It’s just that feeling I felt with you...
I can’t find any like or better
None speeds the inner pace like you did
Now the past is coming back close and
I’m not as strong as before
I ache more and dream deeper
I wake up and live in reality...without you.

On a Bad Day

It’s amazing how the people we love
The sane people we love
The pleasant people we love
And the adorable people we love
Suddenly become the people we detest
The people we never want to run into
And the people we never want to share a roof with
But yet they were once “the people we love”
They suddenly seem so terrible a character
And so difficult a human to deal with
Those moments of laughter are of no essence in memory
And the moments of madness are now worth recollecting
In some way, you decide that the reality of being alone in this cold world, isn’t so bad
This is Love...on a BAD day.