Saturday, September 5, 2009

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

What I was, who I was, and how I was has changed
In age, we move from one year to the other
In difficulties, we move from medium to hard
In knowledge we move from backward to forward
And in experience we move from sweet to bitter...and back again

What I am, who I am and how I am is changing
In age, the years seem to move faster
And I keep hoping to not waste them
In difficulties, we move from hard to seemingly impossible
And I keep praying for the possible
In knowledge, we move from forward to discovery
I wish to find something new, whatever it is
And in experience we move from bitter to real
I face the world as it is.

What I will be, who I will be and how I will be, will change
In age, the years would now be racing away
And there will be so little if any time left, to finish what hasn't yet started
In difficulties, they will be mine to solve. Impossible will be nothing
And greater things will be achieved
In knowledge, discovery will be creation and beyond
And in experience, there will be enough to go round.

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