Tuesday, January 20, 2009


It’s amazing what one dream can achieve
It’s amazing what one man can believe
It’s amazing what one nation can decide
It’s amazing what one vision can foresee
It’s amazing what one mind can conceive

It’s amazing what one heart can feel
It’s amazing what one people can pull through
It’s amazing what one will can breakthrough
It’s amazing what one conviction can follow through

It’s amazing what one raised fist can stand for
It’s amazing what one voice can shout for
It’s amazing what one person can walk for
It’s amazing what the black man can do

Martin Luther King, Barrack Obama...amazing!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

This Man

He stands with grace and valour,
His face is clad with smiles of peace
He has achieved the once unthinkable
And has set the now unsinkable ship sailing
It is a race well run and a journey well begun
This man is filled with greatness and makes the world speechless

He speaks with confidence, words of substance
He reflects rays of greater assurance
He has reached the formerly unreachable
And has now made his people the untouchable
It is a dream well dreamt and a reality we’re living
This man chosen by God and blessed by HIM

This man is BARACK OBAMA!

Friday, January 16, 2009


On the outside, I may be sad
I may seem unhappy,
I may be silent
And I may seem lost.
I may be lonely and
I may be broke…
On the outside.

But on the inside, I am glad
I am happy,
My heart refuses the silence
And I am indeed found.
I have a Friend oh what a Friend
Who never leaves me,
Who can’t stop caring about me
I’m rich beyond my own understanding…
On the Inside…

All because He that is in me, on the inside, is greater
Than he that is in the world, on the outside.

Relativity of Truth

Relativity of Truth

They say “truth is relative”
Which part of the story tallies?
And by what standards do we measure?
What happened and how did you see it happen?
What took place and what did you observe
What can you hear and what does it mean to you
What works for your conscience and what works for the good...
...Truth is Relative...

The Common Factor

The night still lurks but the day remains patient
Minds rest, bodies recreate
And the young are long gone in sleep
Restlessness is someone’s story,
Sleeplessness is another’s
While ambitions and dreams keep the rest awake
Things looking up for those up and thinking
Things looking calm for those asleep and breathing
But there’s a point, a dead point,
Where everyone is at par
Wait for it...here it is...
We are ALL human.
Different thoughts, different dreams, different feelings
Yet we are ALL human

"hustle n flow"

It’s harsh and tough,
Its sweat and pain
Or it’s just no gain
Decisions to be made
A future of being paid
What makes today
Is ruling your own day
It doesn’t come easy
It never comes easy
But the goal is clear
The vision is never blur
And in the end, when bank is made
All the sweat would have paid and
Then you get your own space
Yes, it’s called the “paper chase!”


I woke up one day a movie star
All over “e”, the daily 10, red carpet today
Photo shoot tomorrow
I dated him last week and this new guy this week
We got married “yesterday” and that nasty divorce today
I did this great movie last year and this messed up one today
I had nothing but now Forbes counts my worth
Now the flashes are too many and the gossip never ends
I longed for “a normal life”....
I woke up one day a movie star!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


An illusion of companionship lurks around
His speech is soft and humble as night
What is known of his story is much experience.

An illusion of companionship lurks around
His thoughts interest and entice a conversation
What is known of his hopes and dreams
Could be smart but somewhat illusive

An illusion of companionship lurks around
His presence refuses to be past, for now.
What is known of his intentions is pleasant
But only to a responding heart

Night cometh Quickly

The day is here, but night cometh quickly
The sun is up but the moon presses its hour
The song bird chirps but the owl waits in anxiety

The day is here but the night cometh quickly
The words are there but the book is not yet written
The notes are set but the song not yet sang

The day is here but the night cometh quickly
Make haste for youthfulness endures only a day
At night the hour is here, no time to be here and there
The last word is spoken and the last breath is taken
The day is here, but night cometh quickly


There is a season of quiet,
No one here and no one there
All voices blur in echoes
All counsel lost in silence
And a soul wonders lonely

There is a season of emptiness
No thought here and no thought there
All visions blur in recollection
All missions lost in completion
And a soul wonders lost

There is a season of companionship
Someone here and someone there
All voices loud and resounding
All counsel found and in abundance
And a soul glides in heartiness

There is a season of abundance
An over thought here and another there
All visions clear in memory
All missions well on target
And a soul if found
There is a season.


When we met face to face
I refused to even think.
Then I saw you from afar
And my mind began a trick
Then I thought it wise to be,
A friend who you find so free.
It worked but the world began to speak
At a point I feared will cause a leak
Which they would have managed to tweak
So I stepped back at that point to safety
But right then you took another step,
Which I had long been pulled away.
Back then it didn’t seem to hurt
After all I saved my self from big regret
Then in thought in the years past
I saw my life’s biggest regret
I tried to creep back in and
Pick up where I left so quick.
I pushed and thought that I had done,
What I thought would been undone.
First I thought it was getting there
Till a few things made it worse
Then I performed another act
Which today I regret is a fact
I feel forgiveness to ask of you
But my pride and past warns me not to.
I wish I knew where you are and just how you are
But that may lead to my demise since it may reveal regret
I try to push it all in the past but I can’t deny
What I feel is real and true,
Not gone nor forgotten even once
But daily I try to make it past
In the comfort of these I do rest;
“you cant forget your first love”


In that moment, I feel alone in the world
Suddenly the slow motion button is hit
And my heart seems to split.
It’s lowered slowly, extra slow…
Like something could change in a minute below
But what could, for one so dear is gone for good.
My tears stream down, uncontrollable.
A deep awareness and reality evolves,
Deep in my heart, soul and mind.
It all becomes so real and sealed
It’s already closed, the face I know I see no more
Ashes to ashes the preacher pronounces
A phrase that now echoes so clear
The view I see is a plan of the end
Rocks crush so hard on and the sand refuses to be a sprinkle
No matter how much I try to look up, no star seems to twinkle
I have no words to say, for all are drown in sorrows that day
First this feeling was new, I had so dread
Second was just as hard as first
Third, I knew it was for good
The bitter emotions that run ever through
Till I myself will be facing up,
And what I felt before will be gone,
For others who remain to feel it all.


HIS LOVE speaks volumes to me
HIS LOVE directs my ways
HIS LOVE tells me to forgive
HIS LOVE tells me to have mercy
HIS LOVE gives me inner understanding
HIS LOVE mends my heart
HIS LOVE sets me free
HIS LOVE cools my heart and warms my spirit
HIS LOVE holds me up
HIS LOVE…makes me who I am


The pointer flashes,

That’s my queue to write,

But what could I write,

For today wasn’t so bright

And my mind not so right.

The shouts still play in my mind

The reasons still I cannot find.

Words spoken not so kind

Out of my ears do I bind.

Words spoken in silence I so hear

Voicing them out do I fear

The result too harsh to bear

The victim ever so near.

Screams of silence in the heart

Bound up like a baked tart

The speed of thought

Rushing through like a go-cart

The dream of peace ever so eluded

The wish of happiness so wounded

The hope of liberty ever so strong

The goal of joy could never be wrong