Thursday, January 15, 2009


In that moment, I feel alone in the world
Suddenly the slow motion button is hit
And my heart seems to split.
It’s lowered slowly, extra slow…
Like something could change in a minute below
But what could, for one so dear is gone for good.
My tears stream down, uncontrollable.
A deep awareness and reality evolves,
Deep in my heart, soul and mind.
It all becomes so real and sealed
It’s already closed, the face I know I see no more
Ashes to ashes the preacher pronounces
A phrase that now echoes so clear
The view I see is a plan of the end
Rocks crush so hard on and the sand refuses to be a sprinkle
No matter how much I try to look up, no star seems to twinkle
I have no words to say, for all are drown in sorrows that day
First this feeling was new, I had so dread
Second was just as hard as first
Third, I knew it was for good
The bitter emotions that run ever through
Till I myself will be facing up,
And what I felt before will be gone,
For others who remain to feel it all.

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