Thursday, January 15, 2009


When we met face to face
I refused to even think.
Then I saw you from afar
And my mind began a trick
Then I thought it wise to be,
A friend who you find so free.
It worked but the world began to speak
At a point I feared will cause a leak
Which they would have managed to tweak
So I stepped back at that point to safety
But right then you took another step,
Which I had long been pulled away.
Back then it didn’t seem to hurt
After all I saved my self from big regret
Then in thought in the years past
I saw my life’s biggest regret
I tried to creep back in and
Pick up where I left so quick.
I pushed and thought that I had done,
What I thought would been undone.
First I thought it was getting there
Till a few things made it worse
Then I performed another act
Which today I regret is a fact
I feel forgiveness to ask of you
But my pride and past warns me not to.
I wish I knew where you are and just how you are
But that may lead to my demise since it may reveal regret
I try to push it all in the past but I can’t deny
What I feel is real and true,
Not gone nor forgotten even once
But daily I try to make it past
In the comfort of these I do rest;
“you cant forget your first love”

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  1. why cant i agree with this??????