Friday, January 16, 2009


I woke up one day a movie star
All over “e”, the daily 10, red carpet today
Photo shoot tomorrow
I dated him last week and this new guy this week
We got married “yesterday” and that nasty divorce today
I did this great movie last year and this messed up one today
I had nothing but now Forbes counts my worth
Now the flashes are too many and the gossip never ends
I longed for “a normal life”....
I woke up one day a movie star!


  1. dun knw y but i happened to scroll right to the end of the page the moment i got here..... i scrolled right down to the very last poem. gurl am in love with dis one. dun quite like the tittle but I THINK THIS IS A MASTER PIECE!!!!!.... errrrmmmm I THINK I KNOW GURL, U R SIMPLY THE BEST!!!

    Madd Love, ADowaA!!!

  2. hmmmm, very powerful......u r jus blessed swedi.....Kuki B