Saturday, August 29, 2009

On A Good Day

It’s amazing how the people we love
The crazy people we love
The annoying people we love
And the loveable people we love
Make us laugh so hard
Make us rave so mad
Make us do so bad and
Make us cry so sad
But yet they always remain “the people we love”
Because those moments of laughter are priceless and worth the time
Because those moments of madness are worth the crime
And because all the sadness could never amount to
The reality of being alone in this cold world
This is Love, on a GOOD day...

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Today you said something...well you wrote something... and the text hasn’t faded
Its still right here in my mind’s eye, it keeps appearing
It makes me mad, sad and hurt at the same time, but mostly makes me weary
I have tried, and I all I try to do is talk on your terms
And now even on your terms, you get triggered so easy
Simple questions deserving simple answers turn into sour thoughts
I’m now almost sure that there is only one thing left to say...which I know you won’t
Its unfortunate but I may just take a cue and fade out
Not because I want to, but because I have to
May be other experiences are what dragged you to this point
Its unfortunate a good thing will pay the price
I stopped being anxious a while ago because I was sure you were gone
Its not like me to give up so I keep around and now even that
Seems so irritating and tiresome for you
Clearly there is only one thing left to say which I know you won’t
Its unfortunate but I may just take a cue and fade out
The words in me impede my sleep therefore I write
Nothing to sadden you or get you thinking
Just the daunting thoughts of an inner self
Wishing things will just not be shelved because
too often good stuff rot on shelf...
and just when we are so ready to have them
they are gone...

He is Faithful!

Sometimes you are scared of tomorrow
because of what today has been like
You are scared it could be worse,
worse than today and today was pretty bad
Will you finally have what you need or
will you be further away from it?
Is tomorrow the upgrade of today
or the enemy of a better day
We never know...the one sure thing
is that God is Faithful
So close your eyes and smile because, God is faithful
Whisper a prayer and believe because, God is faithful
Trust Him for a better tomorrow because, He is Faithful
Look forward to answers because, He is Faithful
Fight the doubt because, He is Faithful
Live confidently regardless of what’s going on...


When anger arrives...what do you see?
A lion with its fierce features roaring at you
A tiger’s claws launching into its prey,
Or a feisty beast devouring on sight?

When anger arrives...what do you hear?
The screams of a restrained monster
The ravings of a disappointed leader
Or the taunts of an agitated mob

When anger arrives...what do you do?
Do you vent out on the closest human?
Or do you take it out on yourself?
Do you use curse words or just punch the wall?

When anger leaves...what do you?
Spend hours regretting your former actions
Or keep the ice on your near fractured fist
And nurse the over blown nerves within

Sometimes you cant help getting angry
Its how you deal with it that makes all the difference
This much I know, when you are angry, you ARE angry.