Saturday, August 29, 2009

On A Good Day

It’s amazing how the people we love
The crazy people we love
The annoying people we love
And the loveable people we love
Make us laugh so hard
Make us rave so mad
Make us do so bad and
Make us cry so sad
But yet they always remain “the people we love”
Because those moments of laughter are priceless and worth the time
Because those moments of madness are worth the crime
And because all the sadness could never amount to
The reality of being alone in this cold world
This is Love, on a GOOD day...


  1. you know me......... wen i say i LOVE DIS, i mean......I LOVE IT

  2. flipped 'bad day' perfectly... really nice

  3. u da bomb sharon!! oh this is mercy atindee...will sign up soon!!