Thursday, August 6, 2009


Today you said something...well you wrote something... and the text hasn’t faded
Its still right here in my mind’s eye, it keeps appearing
It makes me mad, sad and hurt at the same time, but mostly makes me weary
I have tried, and I all I try to do is talk on your terms
And now even on your terms, you get triggered so easy
Simple questions deserving simple answers turn into sour thoughts
I’m now almost sure that there is only one thing left to say...which I know you won’t
Its unfortunate but I may just take a cue and fade out
Not because I want to, but because I have to
May be other experiences are what dragged you to this point
Its unfortunate a good thing will pay the price
I stopped being anxious a while ago because I was sure you were gone
Its not like me to give up so I keep around and now even that
Seems so irritating and tiresome for you
Clearly there is only one thing left to say which I know you won’t
Its unfortunate but I may just take a cue and fade out
The words in me impede my sleep therefore I write
Nothing to sadden you or get you thinking
Just the daunting thoughts of an inner self
Wishing things will just not be shelved because
too often good stuff rot on shelf...
and just when we are so ready to have them
they are gone...


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  2. You write as if it jst came to memory but lady wht i jst read is deep pretty deep... I don't even want to think abt the possibility of the voice in there being yours. Coz then i realise how u feel in side and you can't share..... Sometimes we push ourselves too hard and it hurts pls don't hurt we all deserve much much better......

  3. its just VERY creative writing...

  4. Yeah ryt... lol. Deep chale..