Saturday, September 5, 2009

On a Bad Day

It’s amazing how the people we love
The sane people we love
The pleasant people we love
And the adorable people we love
Suddenly become the people we detest
The people we never want to run into
And the people we never want to share a roof with
But yet they were once “the people we love”
They suddenly seem so terrible a character
And so difficult a human to deal with
Those moments of laughter are of no essence in memory
And the moments of madness are now worth recollecting
In some way, you decide that the reality of being alone in this cold world, isn’t so bad
This is Love...on a BAD day.

1 comment:

  1. chale u dey form waa...u know wat? i should manage! seriously! this is so true! it made my eyes water...i can't believe u just told the truth in this line"Suddenly become the people we detest"...u're good! michael! wait! can i copy this one for someone to read?? i need to be careful, ur copyright laws may be