Monday, November 2, 2009

I Can

The morning broke with one thought “I can”
All day it rang in my ears, “I Can”
What answer to which question was this
what reaction to which thought was this
All I could remember were the words “I Can”

Through the day I pondered over this,
This simple construction of words, “I Can”
Why not use it to answer each question I have
Can I make it? Can I do it? Can I get it?
Can I finish it, can I earn it can I buy it?

I Can, I Can,I kept repeating
Now darkness has fallen and still “I Can”
It made my day better and all I doubted has been done
Just because all day I said “I Can”
I’m more than sure that you Can too

Step into your day with a sincere “I Can”
And see what good it brings to you
From then I’m sure all you’ll say
Will be these words so short but great
“I Can”, I Can and so you will!


  1. from on i'm sure all i'll say, will be these words so short but great i can i can i can!!! feel like i can move mountains now! nw on a serious tone i think this is really good tho i couldn't determine a regular rythm u knw abab aabb, i definately can't ignore its own rythmn that seems to just flow out of the mouth, its a real motivational piece, with the use of simple diction......eiii i've run out of smart'm officially ur number 1 fan

  2. thanx a bunch, glad it makes u feel that way. i wish to write many more inspiring ones. thanx again

  3. my word will be that this piece is simply beautiful and inspiring too. keep up the good word traitor!