Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Untitled...the obvious

Friendship is a gift.
You know something is a gift,
When very few people have it,
When only few understand it
When fewer treasure it
And even fewer keep it

Friendship is a blessing
You know something is a blessing
When you don’t deserve it
When you are better with it
When you are happier with it
And even more comfortable with it

Friendship is an illusion
You know something is an illusion
When you just can’t grasp it
When you can’t master it
When you can’t comprehend it
And when you feel lost in it

Friendship is fragile
You know something is fragile
When you are tempted to over protect it
When you can’t afford for it to break
When you treat it with extra care
And when the least mistake takes it away for good

Friendship is misunderstood
You know something is misunderstood
When it is assumed to be something else
When it is forced to look like something else
When it is rumored to mean something else
And when no one can value its intensity

Friendship is spiritual
You know something is spiritual
When it is almost impossible to break from
When it is increasingly complicated
When it becomes an inner battle to separate it
And when it strikes stringent chords within

Friendship is rare
You know something is rare
When you can’t find it for real
When things look close to it but are not
When you keep looking and still don’t find exactly that
And when no one seems to realize it could be gone for good

...By a person who knows nothing, about friendship.

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