Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sad Day

Today is a sad day,
May be just here or on all of earth
We try to come to terms,
With the final journey of a star so bright
Even more so a father, brother and son
Tears well up, and dry again
For the many we once have mourned
Very sad day

It’s raining, it’s been pouring for hours
Here and elsewhere people mourn
The loss of property and the displacement of homes
Others haven’t seen dry land in days
And for some, too dejected to complain
Wars rage in other parts and rulers
Refuse the sunset of a regime
Very sad day

There is confusion here may be elsewhere too
Uncertainty and doubt linger within
Decisions waiting to be made
Tight situations to maneuver and slippery paths to cross
Its gloomy and as usual, the future unknown
Still shrouded by the thoughts of today we know
And the actions of yesterday we uphold
Very sad day

Now I keep looking up, from there comes my help
My Guide, my Comforter and my Strength
None else can fill the space
To soothe the murk of this very day
Condolences and encouragement to those bereaved
Strength and certainty to the weak and perplexed
Look forward to a brighter tomorrow, inside and out
Gone would be this Very sad day

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