Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Can’t Sleep

The clock is ticking, its been 10 minutes since
Lights are off, all sound muted, silence prevails
No talk, just a battle of inner thoughts
Its not hot nor cold, both of which can be controlled
Switch side, change position, still nothing
“So this is how it’s like” thinking
Mind battle now almost lost
Up and pacing, one idea after the next.
Back to t.v, a movie will do.
Two movies done and still nothing
More hours pass, more thoughts ensnare
Reading could help but needs light
That will worsen the train of events
Some more hours pass and still nothing
Is it a troubled body’s appeal?
Or an over burdened mind’s conquest
May be the screams of a desolate heart or spirit within
Studies reveal many a cause but the experience
Is enough to wonder some more where it came from
And how to make it go
Still more hours pass and nothing
Just blinking and thinking waiting for it

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