Friday, July 10, 2009


At 4:37, my watch stopped.
I don’t know why, but it stopped ticking.
May be that’s when it started pouring,
while I was in the middle of the street
May be that’s when the money fell out of my pocket
Perhaps it was just when I realized the traffic was heavier
Or when I realized I had walked over a mile
In this down pour of chilly showers

At 4:37, my watch stopped.
Suddenly, I had no idea what the time was
How long I had been walking or how much time I had till dark.
I was clueless, but genuinely unconcerned.
The occurrences of the day had taken over my mind.
I was walking but my thoughts were busy on their own
Reflecting on the rough journey of the morning,
The hurtful and seemingly genuine words of a chum
The long untagged day,
The uncertainty of tomorrow and the day after that

At 4:37, my watch stopped.
Like I said, I don’t know why
But what if time would stop? In that frozen moment
What would you do...what would you want to do...
These random and involuntary thoughts the human mind suffers from
Would you take control of them...
Or free them to see how far they would go
If time stopped for you, what would you do...
At 4:37 today, my watch stopped.
Time stopped for me, I was lost in. I almost missed it.

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