Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Days like these

There are days like this...
When you think it's an easy day
A day with not so much to do…
Things change. You get so busy
Way too busy to even exhale

There are days like this…
When you actually feel like getting “out there”
But no where to go
When you just want that buddy to move with
But there’s nobody there

There are days like this…
When you can't find the words to say or write
When your words are being waited for
And your deadlines keep closing in
With still no work done

There are days like this…
When the sun is shinning so bright
But you don’t feel like going outside
When its raining heavily and
You wish for a sunny day at the beach

There are days like this…
When you don’t want to fight
Just laugh, smile and be happy
With that friend you miss so much
But the past doesn’t allow for such serene days

there are days like this...


  1. OMG..The first verse describes my day at work today...28/7/09...

  2. the last verse makes so much sense