Friday, July 10, 2009

"they say"

They say love is unconditional...
But not when tested against the toughest conditions
They say truth is relative...
But not when measured against standard
What they say is true...
But not when the counter attack begins
Happy endings, they say are fairy tales
But not when we need them
Humble beginnings, they say work for future greatness
But not when we are the one in humility
Brighter days, they say are always ahead
But not when we are the one in the darkness

They say many things...many of which are true
Just that when they should apply to us the most
We wish they did not and we want to change what “they” say
But this is life, it’s all real...”they” are those who have seen a lot
Lived a while and been through a lot.
“they” must know what “they” are talking about

Boast not of confidence in the absence of a crowd
Nor of courage in the absence fear
Boast not of self-control in the absence of temptation
Nor of strength in the absence of a defining moment
What’s victory without a challenge?
It’s true what “they” say...


  1. you can't fake wisdom...Sharon, i love this piece... i'm actually going to copy and paste it (with all due respects to copyright laws) on my desktop or keep it in my Bible...

  2. such great wisdom........ truth unearthed.