Thursday, June 11, 2009

Keep Writing?

Having something in mind is one thing
Writing it down is another
Making sense of it is a different matter
And hoping someone else can understand is even harder

Mixed thoughts become mixed words
If you get lucky, mixed ink on a page
Or a blog full of unexplored thoughts
Words can really never be bought

One day they say it’s a gift,
Another day you’re almost sure it’s a curse
You can’t explain it, but you think it
You can’t tell it but you can write it

Are you misunderstood or your words are not enough
Is the reader sinking deep into your thoughts
Or is it just a page of unending words
the reader can’t wait to be rid of

The secret may have been found:
Keep writing, at least for you
May be someone will get it maybe someone wont
May be they know you are talking to them
May be they’ll never see it
But keep writing, at least for you.

The pointer will always flash,
I choose to move it along
With words from thoughts and truths of life
I keep writing, at least for me.

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