Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wishing On You

Am holding my breath, hoping you are the next call I get
Hoping for that chat or just a text
My thoughts are breached with drops of you
I think of a happy ending and contentment with you
If I could be granted this big wish
Feels like my world would be better brighter

But somehow it all fizzles out into a dream, the impossible
Am almost sure that call will never come and
Am not even looking forward to that text
My heart goes a little low and grieves in silence for what could be
I wonder if I’m hoping too soon or just being a pest too sweet
Feels like my wish is in no genie’s reach

Then one day there is another turn and all is seemingly well
That call finally comes, the phone is ringing loud and clear
I wonder what this treat could be, I look forward to another sweet encounter
There is talk and laughter, laughter I like.
Then I start to wish the more, am thinking the “what if” all over again
I hang up with a smile of hope and whisper a prayer of things to be

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