Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Days are full of work and stress
Duties and favors you can’t protest
Hustle of the day and uncertainty of the night
Deadlines, deals and closures
Plans, no plans, success and failure, rise and fall
These are the events real life is made of

Survival is to get away,
a day or two could clear the field,
With hours of silence and places of solitude
These are the moments life is rebuilt

Thoughts are crowding and your mind is overworked
Where is the money? No time for holiday
The deal needs attention and the family is waiting
These are the thoughts that hinder your peace

Take an hour, a day or two,
Get away; relax like there’s nothing to do
No worries, no stress, it’s just life and you
Smell the roses, feel the breeze,
Let the sun through the window never cease
These are the actions that rekindle life

Now back to work, school and life
Find yourself with renewed strength, hope and possibility
Don’t forget you must find another time to do again,
Your escape from your usual day
For this is the way life MUST be lived.

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