Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The beginnings of friendship...
You meet, you talk you say to talk again,
You live, you laugh and you say to do again
Before you know that's just the way it is

The joys of friendship...
You laugh and laugh harder together,
Secrets that break nations, u both share
And everyone’s thought is worth a listening ear

The pain of friendship...
You cry and cry heavy tears,
Each feels the sorrows of the other
And mere presence helps ease the grief

The fight of friendship...
Trust slowly illusive becomes
And doubts flood the love filled hearts
Questions are asked in hurt and
Things that erase past words are said

The curse of friendship...
Now it begins to feel empty and lonely
Like no one cares and no one shares
No walks completely out and
no one wants to turn completely off

The LOVE of friendship...
It suddenly becomes real to both
That they have built the world around them both
Every place and person expects them both
And every laugh and worry needs them both

The uncertainty of friendship
So do they find that once started?
Or do they live and act like it never was
Do they survive this hard headed decision?
Or they accept the truth of life, that
Friends fight, but fight to get better at being,
The friends that they set out to be...

The blessing of friendship...
..."and yet there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother"
..."faithful are the wounds of a friend..."
...a friend loveth at all times...


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