Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What’s To Know?

Yesterday I wanted to step back
But you kept saying no use for the dark
In my mind there is a battle of sides
One saying this and the other saying that

Today, am sitting here and I just don’t know
Lines like these may leave you wondering
Because they leave me truly wondering
I don’t know anymore...

I don’t know anymore
May be, possibly, actually, I have never known,
What really it is this life wants

Today, am here but you are not
And I just want to talk
What do I want to say?
I know not, just that I want to talk
... To you.

Yesterday you said what you wanted
But I couldn’t give and had to be blunt
You said how you felt but
I couldn’t fit myself in that belt
In fairness I used honesty
Even mixed with some sort of modesty

Today am still me and still just me
I sit wondering and am sure
I don’t want you to go
But I also said no
Could we just live in the moment?
Where everything is nice and slow

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