Monday, March 16, 2009

Black n Proud!

Some say colored, some say dark skinned
Others say mixed and some say “milky”
This must be the best time to be me
I'm black and proud

Yesterday there were places I couldn’t be
There were spaces I couldn’t fill
There were buses I couldn’t ride
And my life was less than a stride

Today there are places am needed to be
Spaces all mine to fill
Buses all mine to ride
My life I take one stride at a time

Tomorrow there will be places made for me
Spaces am begged to fill
Buses branded with shots of me
My life, too much to take in one stride

Who am I? I'm black and PROUD!


  1. i luv dis one alot....its reali motivative.kudos

  2. u have done it again...some brain u ve...