Saturday, July 2, 2011

I am Woman

They say I’m weak, I have no voice sometimes no choice
That I have issues and i make all confused
They say I’m slow, sometimes with nowhere to go
That there’s no chance I’ll get to the top
They think it’s because I am Woman

I am Woman
They are wrong, I’m strong with a loud voice
I’m felt and heard sometimes even feared
I’m fast and so ahead and in some races, I’m the head
I don’t have chances because they can slip
I have opportunities, they only increase
I have responsibilities, I must succeed

Yes, I am woman
What they say can only make me stronger
Makes me a problem solver, more powerful than a revolver
What they say gives me power…the power to go higher
Will, the will to run faster and cause to shout louder
I’m here to stay, remember I am WOMAN

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